Here you can find some useful development resources that I have found

πŸ”— Box Shadows
πŸ”— CSS Reference
πŸ”— CSS Effects
πŸ”— CSS Shadow Generator
πŸ”— Collections of layouts and patterns in CSS
πŸ”— Custom Shape Divider
πŸ”— Beautiful colored gradients
πŸ”— Free svg background generator
πŸ”— CSS Animations on Demand

General references
πŸ”— Web skills
πŸ”— Animations library
πŸ”— 285 Favorite JavaScript Utilities

Icons, avatars references
πŸ”— Quality metadata badges
πŸ”— Icons and Photos For Everything
πŸ”— Open Source Icons
πŸ”— Thousands of icons, one unified framework
πŸ”— Vector Icons
πŸ”— The Definitive Open Source Icons Library
πŸ”— Avatar generator

Thanks for reading! TM